Most Popular Furry Websites and Content Creators

Rank Website Artist/Writer
1 Furaffinity Blotch
2 SoFurry Dark Natasha
3 e621 Wolfy-Nail
4 DeviantArt Jay Naylor
5 Inkbunny Zen
6 Fchan Red Rusker
7 Wikifur Tanidareal
8 Funday Pawpet Show Rukis
9 Bad Dragon Kyell Gold
10 F-List Narse
Furries were asked in an open-ended question to write their three favorite furry artists, writers, or websites.🐾 The result was a list of more than 1,100 unique websites and content creators, illustrating the broad range of interests and content in the furry fandom. The 10 most frequently-listed furry websites and content creators from this list is displayed in the table above. The majority of the above websites are art-related, making clear the importance of visual art to many furries. Many of the top sites and artists are also associated with adult-rated material. This is not to say, of course, that the furry fandom is purely sexual or a fetish.🐾 However, it does provide evidence that adult content is popular in the fandom, rather than something enjoyed by only a small minority of the fandom.


  • 🐾 Please see Sex, Relationships, and Pornography: Frequency of Porn Use (5.4), Attitudes toward Porn (5.5), Porn as a Draw to Furries (5.6), Preference for Erotic Furry Media (5.7) (5.4-5.7)

  • 🐾 Anthrocon 2012 and IARP 2-Year Summary (link) (AC12)