Given the diversity of the furry fandom, as illustrated by the number of different panels at furry conventions, as well as the potential for overlap between the furry fandom and related fandoms, we tested the extent to which furries were members of other fan groups or had an interest in other fan groups.

2-6 interest in other fandoms
In one study,🐾 we asked furries to indicate, on a 7-point scale, their interest in a number of related fandoms (1 = not at all to 7 = very much). As the figure below illustrates, there were a wide range of interests, though some (such as science fiction, video games, cartoons and webcomics) were more common than others (e.g., sports).

In another study🐾 we asked furries whether or not they identified as members other fan communities. Nearly half of furries (44.0%) were anime fans, and about 1 in 5 were bronies (fans of My Little Pony, 21.1%). Consistent with the findings above, only 10.5% of furries considered themselves to be sport fans.


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  • 🐾 International Furry Survey: Summer 2011 (link) (S11)