If you would like to participate in the furry longitudinal study, please use the form at right. We must have at least one valid email address where our researchers may contact you. You are not required to provide any additional identifying information, and all data collected are confidential.

To ensure that your data will not be connected with your e-mail address, the researchers will e-mail you back a 6-digit login ID. You will provide this 6-digit login ID when you complete our annual survey. Please keep a record of this number as it will be used in upcoming longitudinal studies. If you have lost your ID number, contact furry.research@uwaterloo.ca to request a replacement.

The researchers will contact you via the e-mail address provided with a link to the survey and your ID code. Simply provide your 6-digit login ID when you begin the survey! You will not be contacted by the researchers for any other reason, your e-mail address will not be given out to anyone, and you can be removed from the e-mail list at any time by e-mailing the researchers at the above address and asking to be removed.

Longitudinal Survey

Participate in IARP's ongoing longitudinal study
  • Your email will be kept private and not added to any lists without your consent.